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Nicci M.

Learning from Sherretta has been amazing! She has taught me that it is okay to be myself, and that I do not have to mimic anyone else to be successful.  She has given me the tools to be confident in myself and in the gift that God has given me. She has also given me the technical tools to use God’s gift to the best of my ability.  She has truly helped me find my voice!  She is a true professional, who is passionate about her craft and helping other’s find their voice. Sherretta takes this very seriously which is evident in the care she gives her clients.  My voice and confidence has grown by leaps and bounds and the feedback I have received since starting my journey with Sherretta has been amazing!  I am thankful for her knowledge, care and guidance!


Khayla M.

In my two years of being her student, I can honestly say I’ve noticed genuine growth. Growth in my range, my control and definitely my confidence. Ms. Sherretta has given me the tools I need to be successful in this space and she also helped me conquer some insecurities I had within myself. She’s an awesome teacher!


Ben Z.

Sherretta is a stellar vocal coach.  She is accomplished herself so she understands what it takes to develop the gift of a voice, to develop it into what God has created it to be.  She helps us find our wheelhouse to know where our voice sounds great and she also challenges us to push those boundaries. She's willing to help us embrace those uncomfortable moments in a vocal lesson and to encourage us to push through the awkwardness; push through the barriers to become stronger.  Not only that, her coaching is intentional, it’s personally tailored and there is a plan and a reason behind everything. I highly recommend Sherretta as a vocal coach.