Who is Jamiel?


Born and raised in a family full of professional singers and musicians, it’s no surprise that Jamiel does music. Her voice doesn’t fit one particular mold.  Jamiel is classically trained, having sung opera for the first 18 years of her life- something that was completely different from any of her family members.  Gospel, jazz, r&b, country, and contemporary Christian music are all genres that Jamiel has sang at some moment of her life.


She can be best described as “a simple complexity”- those are her words. Doing her very best to avoid being placed in any 1 box, her music avoids the same.  As a listener, be prepared to go on a journey dealing with identity, self-worth, fakeness, love, anger, and being a woman of color, All laced with the multiple textures of her voice.


Some songs, you’ll want to simply sit back and just listen to; while other songs you’ll either wanna get up and dance or do a heavy head nod, or grab that special someone you love… you may even want to raise your hands sometimes.


All of Jamiel’s music will give you a first-hand look into the world, thought process, emotions, and truth of who Jamiel (the artist) is.


Enjoy the ride!